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Weather and Insects

The purpose of your child’s trip to Nanjemoy Creek Environmental Education Center is to introduce them to nature and all its wonders. Our staff makes every attempt to have students experience as much time outdoors as possible, but sometimes, the weather can restrict our activities.  Our goal is for all students to have a safe, fun learning experience.  Each morning before the school bus arrives, staff members meet to plan the day’s activities based on current and potential environmental conditions.  In the case of unexpected inclement weather, the staff is prepared to change the day’s schedule at a moment’s notice to ensure that students are safe and comfortable. 

Emergency School Closings and Delays: Nanjemoy Creek Environmental Education Center follows the same policy as all CCPS in regards to cancellations, late starts and early dismissals.  If school is delayed due to weather, the trip will be delayed as well, but it will still take place.

Weather Emergencies:  Every building is equipped with a weather radio which alerts staff to any weather emergencies as soon as they are reported.  NCEEC also has a weather station on site which notifies us of any potential lightning in the area.  Every staff member carries a radio so they can be notified about any situations that will require a change of plans.  In the case of extreme weather conditions like hurricanes or tornados, all persons on site are moved to a secure basement where they can shelter in place until the event has passed. 

Cold Weather:  When the weather turns cold, all activities are adjusted to accommodate the conditions.  Time spent outdoors is reduced, and most activities move indoors to heated buildings.  All students are assessed as they get off the bus as to whether they are dressed appropriately, and if needed, we make every attempt to ensure that they have adequate attire.   We recommend that students dress in layers that can be adjusted throughout the day as needed.  Please be sure that your child has shoes and socks that are appropriate for colder weather.

Hot Weather:  When the weather turns hot, all activities are adjusted to accommodate the conditions.  Students have access to water fountains where they can refill water bottles at regular intervals throughout the day, and they are frequently reminded that they need to drink water.  Activities are often moved into shaded areas on the site.  In the case of a heat related illness, we have several air conditioned areas that a student can be moved to.  To prevent sunburn, we recommend that you send sunscreen with your child.

Insects:  Because activities are held outdoors, students are exposed to insects during their visit.  We have epi-pens on site, and the staff has been trained to administer them in the case of a severe allergic reaction.   Ticks are an unwelcome hitchhiker that students may encounter.  The staff discusses ticks with the chaperones, teachers and students at the beginning of each trip during the tick season.   Students are also cautioned to stay on trails and out of tall grass to help minimize exposure.  Throughout the trip, students are asked to do tick checks.  If a tick is found attached to your child, the staff will send a brochure home with the teacher for the parents to read about what to look for after a tick bite.  We highly recommend that all students who visit our site during tick season change their clothes when they return home and have an adult help them do one last check.  Insect repellent is an effective way to battle ticks and other insects.  We do not recommend the use of repellent bracelets or the ones that have fans, because students can be exposed to more repellent than is necessary.  Because of allergies and sensitivities, we cannot supply these products, and students are not allowed to share.  If you would like your child to use repellent, please be sure to send some with them.

If you have any additional questions or concerns, please call NCEEC at 301-743-3526.