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Student Service Learning

SSL in the 7th grade

The SSL requirement in 7th grade is found in Life Science and Language Arts.  Since ECOLOGY is a major topic in Life Science in 7th grade, SSL projects that focus on improving the schoolyard habitat lend themselves nicely to meeting both curricular and SSL goals.  While the planning and implementing of the program is usually done in science, language arts teachers play an important role in guiding student research before the planning stages and then again during the reflection stage when the action piece has been completed. Three components — planning, action and reflection — are necessary to meet the SSL requirement for 7th grade.

School communities can take advantage of meeting their SSL requirements and apply for Green School status, as well. By considering the Green School Award application as SSL projects are planned, schools can maximize their efforts to demonstrate a commitment to reducing negative human impact and teach students the difference they can make as citizens in their environment and world.