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Maryland Master Naturalist Program

Maryland master naturalist

Have you ever had an interest in learning about nature and our natural world? As a Maryland Master Naturalist, participants will obtain the skills of a naturalist and how they can share with the public, the importance of the environment and being better stewards of our planet. There are so many facets of nature to learn about and this program will target the Coastal Plain of Maryland. Nanjemoy Creek Environmental Education Center (NCEEC) is proud to be the first Master Naturalist (MN) training site in Charles County. As a Certified Maryland Master Naturalist you’ll be helping foster the need to preserve, conserve and share our state and regions wealth of natural and environmental resources with others in the community. You’ll participate in and serve as a catalyst for local environmental conservation through education, research and stewardship.

The overall mission of the Master Naturalist Program is to “engage citizens as stewards of Maryland’s natural resources and ecosystems through science-based education and volunteer service in their communities.” The NCEEC MN program is a science-based format with participants learning from some of the leading experts in their fields. Topics to be covered may include: Water Ecosystems, Chesapeake Bay Watershed, Botany and Plant Identification, Entomology, Ornithology, Geology and Soils, Ecological Principles, MD Natural History, Reptiles and Amphibians, Sustainable Living, Taxonomy, Weather and Climate, Fossils, and much more.

Lessons go beyond classroom lecture; NCEEC offers an outdoor environment where participants can immerse themselves in hands-on experiences that supplement the lesson materials. Field work and field trips supplement the training. The course fee of $250 includes 52 hours of classroom instruction and 8 hours of hands-on fieldtrip.  In addition, teachers can earn 4 CPD credits towards their re-certification by completing the classes.  For more information, contact Mike Callahan at 301-743-3526 or at

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